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PO Box 93254
Southlake, TX 76092

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Company Description:

We are unique formulators of ORGANIC CONCRETE DISSOLVING AGENTs: "INSIDE-OUT" 2X that reverses concrete into a soft liquid paste. Hose or pressure wash with clean water for final removal. The organic ionic compound is readily biodegradable, 100% per OECD guidelines. It meets ASTM standard G-31-72 and D.O.T. Non-Regulated per 49 CFR 173.154(d)(1), Non-Corrosive. "INSIDE OUT" removes rust, road film, dirt, grease, oil, and is still able to effectively dissolve Portland cements, Non-Portland cements, concrete, mortar, grout and stucco. It is safe on composite drums, metals, chrome, polished aluminum, paint, plastic, rubber, wiring and glass. CCG also manufactures many more products to name a few: Release Agents, Soaps, Asphalt Dissolver, Degreasers, Anti-Stick Agents, Admixtures, Foaming Applicators, Sprayers, Brushes, Handles, Gloves, etc.

Architectural Release Agents
Cleaning Compounds
Concrete Removers
Concrete Removal
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