CarbonCure Technologies Inc.

60 Trider Crescent
Dartmouth, NS B3B 1R6

Phone: View Phone Number902-442-4020

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Company Description:

CarbonCure is a performance enhancing concrete technology that allows ready mixed producers to stand out in the crowd and access the growing green building movement, while improving the bottom line.

The proprietary technology introduces waste carbon dioxide gas into ready mixed products during mixing in order to improve compressive strength. The technology is installed into existing ready mixed facilities without disrupting operations. CarbonCure’s engineering team optimizes the process for each plant. Batching is controlled by a simple interface with the existing batch computer and carbon dioxide is precisely injected into the mixer.

The material effects of the technology include enhanced strength and accelerated hydration. The performance enhancement is the result of a chemical reaction between carbon dioxide and cement, which forms a nanocalcium carbonate material. 

CarbonCure also offers licensed producers access to architectural sales and green building training, customized marketing pieces, and public relations support. CarbonCure’s LEED package includes training, support and environmental accounting documents such as EPDs and HPDs.  These marketing services allow concrete producers to highlight the sustainable benefits of their every-day concrete to develop specifications and grow their business.

CarbonCure’s environmentally-friendly process and comprehensive marketing services not only reduce a concrete producer’s carbon footprint, but also reduce costs. Who knew that greener could mean stronger?

Product Information:
CarbonCure’s proprietary technology injects waste carbon dioxide gas into ready mixed concrete products during mixing in order to improve compressive strength. In this image, Josh Brown, CarbonCure’s Director of Engineering, runs trials during a ready mixed plant installation in order to optimize the concrete’s performance.

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