Volumetric Mixer Manufacturers Bureau

900 Spring Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: View Phone Number240-485-1158
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The Volumetric Mixer Manufacturer Bureau (VMMB) currently has five charter members, all of which manufacture continuous volumetric mixers, sometimes known as concrete mobiles, mobile mixers, shake and bake trucks and the like. This equipment is usually mounted on a truck, although we also build stationary plants and trailer mounted units. As opposed to the traditional ready mixed truck, in our equipment each of the individual ingredients for a batch of concrete are loaded into their own compartments on the mobile mixer and driven to the job site. Once on location, the concrete is then mixed and immediately placed. A good portion of our mixers are used to produce specialty concrete (gunite & shotcrete, rapid setting concrete, flowable fill and special grout mixes). VMMB organized in November, 1999 with the assistance of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) for several reasons: 1) to develop, in conjunction with ASTM and ACI, a standard for which this equipment can be rated (called VMMB-100); 2) to promote the use of this equipment through education and awareness; and 3) to improve the professionalism of both the manufacturers and operators of mobile mixers. The manufacturers and operators of this kind of equipment, although just a small portion of the concrete market, are an important and growing part of the overall ready mixed concrete industry. Current VMMB Members are: Cemen Tech, Indianola, Iowa Custom-Crete, an Oldcastle Company, Dallas, TX Elkin Manufacturing Inc., Indiana, PA Reimer International, Didsbury, Alberta, Canada Zimmerman Industries Inc., Ephrata, PA

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