RoMix Incorporated

P.O. Box 1110
Colleyville, TX 76034

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Company Description:

RoMix specializes in biodegradable concrete removing detergent compounds, featuring "Back-Set" Molecular Cement dissolver.  RoMix utilizes ecological and environmental ingredients along with the lowest pricing in the industry.  You can be "Clean 'n Green" with RoMix.

CEO R.C. Anderson : Initially, the bottom line of any relationship with a chemical supplier basically consists of three things: Quality, Safety and Service. It's a matter of who has earned your unconditional confidence; Who can you trust?; Who can you depend on to professionally maintain your company's particular needs?

With this in mind, it's clearly the people within a company that defines these needs. RoMix Chemical and Brush, Inc. are staffed with highly trained professionals who apply their knowledge and expertise to bring your company the highest quality service, products and safety standards. You can depend on RoMix Chemical and Brush, Inc. today, and into the future.


Tough Technology for a Gentle Environment:  RoMix has answered the environmental challenge with our full spectrum cleaning synergy. RoMix formulations contain our exclusive detergent base utilizing surfactants and high tech additives. These additives meet today's standard criteria for bio-degradability and regulatory compliance. RoMix supplies a line of biodegradable concrete removing detergents for the ready mix concrete industry.


Products are result of 30 years of Research:  The product lines include; acid alternatives, concrete removers, acidic cleaners, soaps, detergents, anti-stick agents, coatings, cab cleaners, brushes, dispensing systems, form release agents, cure and seal, admixtures, among others. All of these products are carefully manufactured under strict quality control.

Professional Staff with Quality Standards:  Our goal is to supply a product to fit the customer's needs while maintaining competitive pricing and quick turnaround time. Our business philosophy is based on a quick response and consistent top quality service. The newest technological advancements are engineered into our products to help improve our customers' quality standards, reduce their operating costs, and increase their productivity and profits.

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Product Information:
BACK-SET MOLECULAR CEMENT DISSOLVER: THIS NEWLY DEVELOPED CONCEPT IS TOTALLY SAFE AND USER FRIENDLY! BACK-SET is an acid alternative with no fumes or odors. This safe, but effective, alternative is a newly developed concept in chemistry. BACK-SET molecularly breaks down the ionic bond in Portland cement, completely dissolving and releasing the hardened cement from any surface to which it is adhered. This type of ionic exchange has never been used before in our industry.

More Info
Acid Neutralizer
Architectural Release Agents
Back-Set Molecular Cement Dissolver Materials
Basic CR
Cleaning Compounds
Concrete Form Release
Concrete Removers
Drum Cleaning
Emergency Vehicle Wash & Wax
EnviroSafe Mansonry Cleaner
Fleet Maintenance Products
Food Hauler Wash & Wax
Mobile Mixer Wash & Wax
Personal Safety Gear (Clothing)
Pro-Crete Protectant/Anti-Stick
Release Agents
Rust-Gone Truck Wash
Truck Wash (Front- or Rear-Load Trucks)
Truck Wash (Wet or Dry Mix Trucks)
Chutes & Accessories
Concrete Pump Wash & Wax
Concrete Stripper
Drum Cleaning (Mixer)
Truck Wash (Wash Water Filtration Recycling)
Truck Wash
Waste Hauler Wash & Wax
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